Kusi Doc

Simply is integrating Kusi Doc a beautiful and elegant template for the documentation of your project.

To create the documentation page is very easy.

  • Create an article
  • Chose your favorite Title
  • Add the internal Tag #kusi-doc
  • Select the Kusi Doc from the template drop down.
Theme for documentation for ghost

? The secondary menu will be used on the documentation page.

If you don't want to use an internal tag, use a tag related to your project. For example I will use a tag simply-doc.

So we need to make some changes to our routes.

➡️ Doc Collection

  • Appears on: site.com/docs/
  • Post URLs: site.com/docs/my-documentation/
  • Contains posts with: a primary_tag of simply-doc
    permalink: /docs/{slug}/
    filter: primary_tag:simply-doc

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