Simply is a very beautiful and elegant open source theme for Ghost, it is inspired on Medium, for Personal or professional, Portfolio Page, Photography Blog, Lifestyle Blog, Culinary Blog, News Page, Design Blog, and in many other things. Simply is very fast 🚀.

General features

How to install

Installing the Simply theme for Ghost is very easy, first download the theme.

But if you made changes to the theme files, you need to create a zip file.

Follow these steps to upload the theme.

  • Log in to your Ghost website.
  • Click Design in the left side menu.
  • Scroll down to the INSTALLED THEMES section.
  • Click Upload a theme button.
  • Select the theme file
  • Once uploaded, click Activate now to activate the theme immediately.


Simply uses Gulp as a build tool and Yarn to manage front-end packages.

# clone this repo
$ git clone

# Go to the folder
$ cd simply

# link to ghost themes dir
$ ln -s $PWD path/to/ghost/content/themes/simply

# install the dependencies
$ yarn install

# run build & livereload task
$ yarn dev

# restart ghost server
$ cd path/to/ghost && ghost restart --development


Ionicons and generated by Icomoon after import src/svg-icons/selection.json

Build commands

  • yarn dev — Compile assets when file changes are made, start livereload
  • yarn build — Compile and optimize the files in your assets directory
  • yarn prod — Compile assets for production and generate a dist/

Additional commands

  • yarn lint:jsStandard, Check for errors in the script.
  • yarn lint:cssStylelint, Check for errors in the styles.
  • yarn lint — Check error in script and styles.
  • yarn scanGhost Scan check for errors, deprecation and other compatibility issues.
  • yarn test — Check the script errors and styles then check the theme if it is compatible with the latest version of Ghost.

Git/GitHub workflow

This is our preferred process for opening a PR on GitHub:

  1. Fork the repo, clone your fork, and configure the remotes:

    # Clone your fork
    git clone<your-username>/simply.git
    # Navigate to the newly cloned directory
    cd simply
    # Assign the original repo to a remote called "upstream"
    git remote add upstream
  2. If you cloned a while ago, get the latest changes from upstream:

    git checkout master
    git pull upstream master
  3. Create a new topic branch (off the main project development branch) to contain your feature, change, or fix:

    git checkout -b <topic-branch-name>
  4. Locally merge:

    git checkout master
    git merge <topic-branch-name>
  5. When your changes are ready for review, push your branch:

    git push origin master
  6. Open a Pull Request with a clear title and description.

  7. When the changes have been reviewed and approved, I will merge for you.

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